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Collaboration fuzz pedal with The EFFECTOR BOOK.

The EFFECTOR BOOK Vol. 53 "TONE BENDER Special" interview led to the commercialization of this pedal.

Based on the 1968 TONE BENDER MKII (OC81D) owned by OrganicSounds, this pedal was tuned to be easier to use.

Silicon transistors are used for Q1 and Q2, and germanium transistor for Q3.

The vintage texture is retained while adding an edge to the sound, resulting in a tighter low range output.

The LED is used as a high-cut control knob, and when full, the sound is bright and expansive. When turned down, it produces a darker, more cohesive sound.

When 18V is used, both volume and sound pressure are increased, allowing for clearer and more expressive sound.