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THE ZONK MACHINE was released at the end of 1965 by John Hornby Skewes in the UK, with a beautiful hammer tone paint job in greenish blue. This is the world's first clone of the TONE BENDER Mk1 also released in 1965, with similar circuitry, but with a different, more aggressive sound.

Texas Instrumental, Mullard's Germanium Transistor, and other vintage parts are used as much as possible, reproducing the color tone of the housing, the texture of the hammer tone, and even the decals on the back of the body.

This pedal is able to create sounds unqiue to noise gates.

*Like the original, the SWELL control has an ON/OFF switch for the effects as well as a foot switch. Be sure to turn it off to the left after you finish playing. It will continue to conduct electricity.