¥42,000 (¥46,200 tax included)

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Organic Sounds original Fuzz pedal.

Among many Vintage Big Muff Rams Head owned by Organic Sounds, it analyzes and compares the balance of Reactor Tower Knob Violet, expresses the unique dead overtone, roughness, and range feeling of Vintage, and is easy to use further. Rebuilt.

All four transistors use different model numbers. By using carefully selected transistors that are in line with their respective roles, we were able to create a sound that is both Vintage nuanced and exhilarating.

The transistors also follow the volume of the guitar well, and can be turned down to create a crunchy sound.

Controls are Volume, Tone, and Gain (L to R).

The Lo Gain setting produces a crunchy sound with an OD Fuzz-like original sound, and as the Gain is increased, unique overtones are added, and at Max it becomes a dirty Hi Gain Fuzz Distortion. Vintage sound.

It can be used for various genres as a Hi Gain Fuzz Distortion that does not take away the individuality of the instrument, regardless of whether it is a single coil or a humbucker.