Organic Drive "Hydra"

¥36,000 (¥39,600 tax included)

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  • Hoochies

Organic Sounds' first-ever original OverDrive pedal. Buffered bypass for a natural, deep sound when the pedal is off. When the pedal is on and using low gain, you'll hear a unique elastic sound. You'll feel a fuzzy drive with a vintage feel is added when the gain is turned up. It's volume control has great precision has a wide-range of sounds.

Hydra Version
Wide range and natural equalization with a clear, three-dimensional sound image.
A fuzzy, woody personality familiar to Organic Sounds products.

Armless Version
It has more gain than the Hydra version and also has a more shimmering sonic image.
This Drive pedal has natural sustain and fuzzy overtones when the gain is turned up.

Short Version

Full Version