ORGAMASTER / Mullard OC44 Black Glass

¥58,000 (¥63,800 tax included)

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Released by Dallas in 1965, the RANGEMASTER has been used by many guitarists regardless of genre, such as Glam Rock, Blues Rock, and Doom Metal.

The RANGEMASTER is a faithful reproduction of the original, including the chassis, of the first 1966 RANGEMASTER owned by Organic Sounds.

Vintage parts including Germanium Transistor, Mullard OC44 Black Glass, and other characteristic pots were used as much as possible.

The volume control is in sync with the guitar's volume control, and an organic, crystal clean sound can be obtained with the control at hand. A wide range of sound making is possible depending on the puller's ingenuity.

As with the original, connect the cable coming out of the main body to an amp or effector.