ORGA FACE 66 NKT274 / Aged Black

¥76,000 (¥83,600 tax included)

This product is currently not available.

Introduced by Arbiter in 1966, the famous FUZZ pedal is reminiscent of a mic stand base.

We reproduced the pedal by using our personal 1966 original as reference. A true-to-life comparison to the original by Organic Sounds, down to the original's distinctive housing.

NKT274 Germanium Transistor and other vintage parts are used as much as possible.

Unique to this pedal, you have complete control over the volume of your guitar and can experience dramatic changes from Fuzz to OD to Clean Sound with a twist of the knob.

The price will vary depending on the Germanium Transistor used.

Please allow 5~10 days for delivery.