Org wah

¥85,000 (¥93,500 tax included)

This product is currently not available.

This wah pedal was manufactured in Italy in 1967 and is called "Cry baby Top Logo" because of the logo on the top of the pedal.
We took the original made in 1967 owned by Organic Sounds and casted the chassis using a sand mold as was the production method at that time.
The sound of the "Org baby" is faithfully reproduced with the atmosphere of the time, and tuned to have a mellow sound with a thicker low mid.
Vintage parts such as Tropical Fish and Arco condensers were used as much as possible.
It features a smooth sweep curve and has a fat, glossy top end and rich bass tone.
When the pedal is depressed, it smoothly rises to the peak and has a mellow sound that sings in the clean sound.
When used in a drive sound, it has a superb wah voicing that is biting, complex, heavy, and colorful.
Please allow 5~10 days for delivery.